problem with rewind forward when playing movies

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nmirza Offline
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When i try to play a movie in xbmc on leopard, using the mac mini remote no matter which directional button i press (up down left right), the only action that happens is video skipping like 5-10 seconds forward. on windows the actions for fast forawrd, rewind, skip 5 seconds, etc work fine. I also tried manually going to the menu bar (using osx skin) at the bottom of the screen and selecting rewind or forward, and the only thing that works is fast forward, rewind does nothing.

Is this problem unique to me or general issue with xbmc on os x?
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tetrakis Offline
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the bugs are still being worked out for apple remote support, wait for the next release.
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iordonez Offline
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this *will* be fixed in the next release.
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