Weather working in .5?

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pmcd Offline
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Wether seems to have stopped working for me in .5 . I just get a busy response if I go to refresh it. This is in Toronto. It was working fine previously.
Has anyone else had this issue?

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Jezz_X Offline
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many people and its not a XBMC or OSX version issue its an issue because got anal about how programs access their info and changed it breaking the way its retrieved
It has been fixed in the xbox version but this change has yet to make its way into the Linux code and thus the OSX code by default
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smcnally75 Offline
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I don't know if I would say they are being anal. They are getting hit up constantly from not only XBMC but tons of other platforms and the problem is a lot of programmers don't bother to minimize the amount of times they poll the server for weather. I can see why they change it up from time to time.
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Mickey Offline
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As a temporary solution, just as stated here: , use an HexEditor (like 0xED) to edit Smile
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Lowie007 Offline
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Mickey Wrote:As a temporary solution, just as stated here: , use an HexEditor (like 0xED) to edit Smile

Sorry, but can you explain it a bit further. When I go to the offset stated, it returns a different result than what is the post you linked to?
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tslayer Offline
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It is also now fixed in linux version which XBMC for OSX is based on.

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ChoccyHobNob Offline
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@Lowie007 Don't go to the offset, search for the string quoted in that post, change the 'prod' for 'link'

Worked for me Smile

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elan Offline
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Will be fixed shortly in the next beta.
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