Mac Newbie Switching From Xbox - Help!

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DavidA Offline
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As I love the functionality of XBMC on Xbox there are a few features that I've always been craving.

- Suspend mode when idle
- Remote wake-from-suspend mode
- Quietness

If I'm reading these threads correctly, the first two were added in this beta release. The third, a Mac Mini will handle by itself.

I have a few questions though:

1) What stage is the DVD support? Will it play my DVDs? Can I region-free my Mac Mini?
2) I see talk of Universal Remote support. I use a PVR remote which can emulate most DVD players. Will I be able to use my remote on the Mac Mini? If not, can I buy an IR dongle to resolve this? I don't really want to switch remotes.
3) What's the base spec Mac Mini I should use? I have a Mac Mini from when they were first released, but I assume it's an unsupported PPC model.
4) Will my wife notice any differences from the Xbox release that will make her mad at me?

Thanks all.
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Jezz_X Offline
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1) pretty sure dvdplayback doesn't work well / at all yet int he osx version but don't quote me on it
3) you need a intel processor with OSX Leapord
4) well yeah it boots into OSX first then runs is the big one Smile as well as other non completely ported stuff yet
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toddtmw Offline
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2. Buy a Harmony remote. You won't regret it. With the new Universal Remote support, it is now better than the Xbox with a Harmony. Once you get the Harmony configured, XBMC is perfect.

Plus, you get the benefit of the Harmony in all the other activities you use your TV for. One remote that just works with everything you have.

If they fix the bug where is forgets to use the external monitor when the display is asleep at startup, it will be PERFECT.

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iordonez Offline
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Get a URC remote, or better yet go read a ton of reviews, even the XBMC for OS X team has had a Harmony vs. URC vs. Apple Remote argument... No one was hurt.
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DavidA Offline
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Thanks for the replies. If DVD isn't 100% yet then I'd better sit tight for now.

FWIW, I bought a Harmony remote and didn't like it. Horses for courses.
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