0.5 apple remote buttons still work for minimized itunes when xbmc is open

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nmirza Offline
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when im running xbmc in full screen, the buttons on my remote still work on itunes if its minimized (vs me quitting the itunes), i.e. if i press play forward track rewind etc it simultaneously does specified action in xbmc but also does the same action in itunes. additionally if i press the up down arrow it also does the default change volume for osx even within xbmc (i can hear the popping volume up dwon sound),i don't recall this being a problem with previous versions. do i have to change some sort of settings?
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ChoccyHobNob Offline
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Go into settings, disable and re-enable the apple remote support. There is a bug where the helper looses it's grip on the remote, doing this resets it.

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