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sbrandsborg Offline
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Hello all you guys,
First I would like to say thanks to all the developers working on XBMC, it’s without doubt the best media center I have come across.

For some time I have thought about how cool it could be if XBMC did notify me every time I get an e-mail (that passes my spam filter of cause) and like when a download is finished (I use Ninan to grab files from Usenet)

So I started programming a little very simple application that could send a notification command to XBMC with some information about that event just happened.
For example
| Information!
| New e-mail has arrived
| Download completed!
| XBMC for Windows

Are any of you guys interested in an application like that?

Here are some screenshots of my application so far:

[Image: 1.gif]

[Image: 2.gif]

[Image: 3.gif]
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Rand Al Thor Offline
Collect3 Project Manager
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Wow! That is very cool I am interested. I'm sure there will be lots of other people who are interested as well. Cheers.
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Nick8888 Offline
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Cool. Have you thought about incorporating plugins so others can add support for other programs, functions etc.
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sbrandsborg Offline
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Location: Europe, Denmark, Århus
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I know that one can get the same features from installing a bunch on plug-ins into XBMC, but i wanted to create a application that is XBMC plug-in free, all it needs is the build in webserver.

XBMC Notifier is looking in a defined folder on the computer’s hard drive, for *.msg files at an interval defined by the user, so it’s very dynamic, you can create simple bat files or complicated scripts that create those *.msg files, that it will pickup.

The following example is a bat file that my server runs everytime a download starts in my usenet download manager “ninan”

An example for at bat file:
@echo off
REM This batch file will create a *.msg file in c:\ on your harddrive with a random filename.
REM It will contain two lines of information seperated with -?-
REM XBMC output example:
REM ----------------------------------------
REM | Download started!                    |
REM | XBMC Build 14000                     |
REM ----------------------------------------
set MsgPath=c:\
echo Download started!-?-%DOWNLOAD_NAME% > %MsgPath%%random%.msg

So you see a notification can be created from a lot of difference applications and scripts.
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Cimlite Offline
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sbrandsborg, cool idea. Could be very useful.

Not to speak for Nick8888 but I think he meant plugins for your application, not XBMC. That would make it a lot more powerful, if you could just drop a plugin into it and have all IMs etc. show up on XBMC.

You can do a lot via batch files but it really brings down the ease of use.
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sbrandsborg Offline
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Joined: Jun 2005
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Location: Europe, Denmark, Århus
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Yeah i have been thinking about that, it coud be very cool with some plug-ins for this application, but this first version will only contain the scripted version Smile
Im still thinking about what kind of notification i want when im watching a movie on XBMC, so i dont get spammed with notifications all the time

Any suggestions?Wink
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Gamester17 Offline
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Post: #7
CallerID (automaticlly pause video playback and pop-up message on who is calling), modem hardware on computer required of course.

Would it be possible to do this as an EventClient for XBMC's EventServer or python script so that it work be as a plugin in XBMC?

PS! If you checkout XBMC's EventServer then also checkout EventGhost which is a very similar concept.

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