[RELEASE] iTunes and iPhoto integration plugins for XBMC

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IgnotumAliquis asked: "I've looked for the alleged iTunes plug-in underneath the XBMC.org add-ons, but I am just not seeing it. Is this just simply not available for use with OpenELEC? Or has it been withdrawn from distribution entirely? "

The plugin is still available at https://github.com/AlfredJKwack/plugin.audio.itunes. Unfortunately, however, it hasn't been upgraded in the last couple of years. For anyone interested, I have managed to get it to work with Frodo 12.3 on my computer. However, since iTunes 11 has changed the name of the xml file you have to change line 363 of the default.py file from:

xmlfile = os.getenv("HOME") + "/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music Library.xml"


xmlfile = os.getenv("HOME") + "/Music/iTunes/iTunes Library.xml"

It will only work for Frodo in OSX. I tried to load it to my Apple TV2 but it would not load, probably because of the different platform format. If anyone has tinkered with the code to enable this I would love to hear about it. I don't think much of a change is needed since the iphoto one DOES load on my Apple TV. I'm just not proficient enough to do it.

I must say I am surprised that no one has yet taken a crack at upgrading this plugin since it is REALLY, REALLY useful, and greatly improves the functionality of the Music section of XBMC. Has this thread just died or what?
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ive put a request in the github for your changes. Also, seeing as I also want this, I may look into it
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