[WINDOWS] HOW-TO use Hauppauge 45 (or 34) button remote control in XBMC tutorial

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Confirmed: three years later, and the OP's procedure still works like a charm (tested under Win7 64-bit).

Just make sure you follow the below advice too:

(2009-06-08 23:50)ddbjr Wrote:  If you have installed WinTV software that comes with the Hauppauage PVR 150, it includes IR software that supports the remote.
The modification specified in the beginning of this post does work with the IR software.

Note: in the Irremote.ini file, dont' forget to add 'XBMC=' in the section the poster identifies in the beginning of this post.

; First item in this section IS always the default app if no others found
Media Center=
IR Remote=

Thanks, guys!

...now I just need to get this working under OpenELEC ;-)

Really like the feel and responsiveness of these remotes; nice build...
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I have a hauppauge colossus I have xbmc link to WM7 but I want to be able to use my remote with it but really lost. Can anyone give me some help with this?
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