Speed transfer of files to ATV

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Dear community

In the past as was always using a tool called "Cyberduck" to transfer my files from my iMac with AirportExpress to the ATV.

When my system is up and running again (having some difficulties as described in another post), I have to transfer about 100GB of Movies etc. to the ATV again (with the Factory Reset I lost all).

Is there a speedy way to transfer files?
Using the Ethernet-port?
Another program then Cyberduck?

your help is much appreciated


- Sheerkhan
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I use Fugu for whenever have to ssh to atv or iphone or whatever, but XBMC is so awesome that supports to connect to my Lan, and can share via samba from my mac whatever media folders I want and also can access all my other vista/xp pc's.

Used to lose a lot of time before passing movies and deleting to make space in the drive, now I just drop them in the backup drive in the mac pro and ready to be played =).

Thats an option, in case you were looking other ways.

Also would like to thank all the developers and whoever has to do with this project and forums cause they are so responsive and nice with the people, never seen a forum respond so quick as in here.

Been using it for a couple of weeks and I just created the account for try to help some.
But really all the answers are in the forums for whatever problem I had, never saw the need to create an account and thread cause developers explain instructions so well.

Thanks Davilla and others for the patchstick it makes it easier now than before typing so much lines in terminal and for actually now enjoy to watch and listen to music again in the apple tv instead boring frontrow.

Sorry if any typo cause my first language is spanish.
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