XBMC Connected - Skin Release Thread

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hansen Offline
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Post: #211
thank you very much!
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peppe_sr Offline
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Post: #212
great, thanks for a new realese of your wonderful skin.
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Latvian3Dman Offline
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Post: #213
Is it just me, or is theme change in Connected broken if used in later XBMC builds? I tried OpenGL and DirectX versions, on two different computers: background texture not changing when i try to change theme to that "Connected-PMIII" theme. Maybe i am doing something wrong... Any ideas please?
Thank You in advance!
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timmi1000 Offline
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Post: #214
Does it work in Dharma 10.1?
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h.udo Offline
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Post: #215
I doubt it.

it's not been updated in a while. Maybe someone can update it to work with Dharma, if there's interest?

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yabel Offline
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Post: #216
would love a update to this.. was a great low resource skin
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