MP TV-Server + PiipTV -> XMBC With TV!

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Lightbulb  MP TV-Server + PiipTV -> XMBC With TV!
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I really don't know what's missing. Most XBMC user seems to be careless for the one feature missing from XBMC. TV support. Well what about this proposal (that's why i'm posting a new thread).

1) Download & Install MP TV-Server (only TV-Server needed)
2) Configure XMLTV for the TV-Server (it has autoupdate and all)
3) Intall the PiipTV plugin for RTSP streaming
4) Install a (not writen) script on XBMC
- To get the EPG from the PiipTV's HTTP server
- The XML has RTSP Url's for each channel (rtsp://IP:8554/ptv_CHANNEL.sdp)
- Display the programming and have buttons for viewing the channels
- You can even pass parameters to have the channel name on display
5) Be happy and watch TV over the LAN
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There is a real patch for TVServer support on trac aswell.
as soon as a developer starts using the mps tvserver it will get implemented. I myself will probably start use it in a few weeks or so. So the patch might get in to the next point release.

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i would love to watch tv though XBMC and its the only feature really missing and stopping me from building a new HD Computer Setup
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any news on this one ?

Tv support is the only thing missing for me to use XBMC.

And it would be great to see support for MP Tv server as backend.

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Check out this link to the mediaportal forum. This may be a way to do this without using the Piip TV. Haven't tried this but will be doing so in the next week or so.
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