[RELEASE] NBA.com Videos Plugin

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stacked Offline
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Post: #46
Version 1.0.3/2.0.3

- Version bump for frodo
- Fixed duration time issue
- Fixed 'argument 1 must be unicode or str' error
- Fixed 404 error on videos that aren't available
- Fixed issue with new videos not appearing on the first page
- Added retry function to help with connection errors
- Added setting for default view in Confluence skin
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CEMA65 Offline
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Is this addon dead? It was working a month or two ago now I keep getting an index error when I try to play videos. Thanks.
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mrdally204 Offline
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Hi stacked. I wanted to report some index errors that are given when playing some videos from certain sources within the add-on. Some videos work, most fail with the index error. The meta data appears to be scraped properly just won't play. Do you intend to support this add-on going forward? I can post logs if it will help.
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