[WINDOWS] HOW-TO control XBMC using EventGhost with the Microsoft MCE Remote

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(2013-05-13 04:22)NewYears1978 Wrote:  I am having a problem..EventGhost recognizes my keypresses and I set for instance the Enter button to do something..but in XBMC when I press enter it still performs the default action.

Do I have to disable the windows handler for my remote or something? Driving me nuts.

Did you find a fix to this issue? I want to be able to disable all WMC pre-mapped buttons that activate WMC when pressed (green button, video, music, pictures, etc.. ) and use those in XBMC. I don't mind if GreenButton still runs WMC but I would like to be able to use other buttons in XBMC if possible.
Otherwise I will just use learning remote and teach only few functions from WMC MCE remote and then try to use other hybrid functions from MCE or from native remote frequencies (like C button (ABCD) on remote bringing Contextual Menu in XBMC)
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