How to make tv episodes appear numerically

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1) All of my tv shows are listing the episodes alphabetically instead of in the order they were aired.

2) When browsing through movies in media preview mode, the top left corner of the movie posters have like a white, semi-transparent overlay. It doesn't do that when browsing in any other mode like list, the wall art, etc.

3) In order to properly scrape Let The Right One In and Ghost In The Shell, I had to search by entering the titles in their native languages. No big deal except now it display both movie's names in the their native languages and I would like them to display in English. So really, what I am asking is: Is there a way I can manually edit the displayed title names without changing any of the information from the scrape?

4) I really like the movie trailers option when pressing info for a movie. What I don't like is that I have to stream the trailers. Is there a way I can store the movie trailers locally and be able to watch them normally? I know I can browse to the trailer but I want to be able to click info on a movie and then select trailer.

5) I know this question is more XBMC specific than MS related but I'd hate to create a new post for it. I was using an older version of XBMC and under the shutdown options I had the option to return to my default dashboard. This new version no longer has that. Is there a way I can somehow add that option? I hate to have to turn the XBox off every time I want to get back to UnleashX.

On a side note, XBMC with MS is totally awesome! I love it. The only reason I am using UnleashX anymore is because I like the game previews.
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Either press Right or UP (depending on what layout you have) and you'll get the Setting menu, from there select 'Sort By Episodes'.
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Thank you so much!

I can't believe I missed that. It seems so obvious now lol. It's kinda hard to think straight with my allergies driving me this crazy. It's like I can't focus lol.

And I figured out question number three. I press title on the remote and then edit title. Who would have guess huh? Lol.
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5) In mediastream just add your dasboard .xbe to programs (apps) or add it to favorites.

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