Launch a Python script when XBMC shutdown

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olivelemalin Offline
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Is there a way to launch a python script when XBMC is closed ?
I know the automatically launched when XBMC starts, but is there a same thing when XBMC stops ?

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blittan Offline
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Not currently, there is a feature request for it though.

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hamradio Offline
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I bump on this thread.
Has anything changed now?
Is it possible to exec something when XBMC stops?
Thank you for answering.
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Dam0 Offline
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if your using eventghost, this would be easily acheived

you could have;

1) exit xbmc keypress = close xbmc then run something


2) check to see if xbmc window exists, if not, do something

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Angelscry Offline
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You could also use Advanced Launcher to create a stand-alone launcher to start a script that will: first close XBMC, and then start your python script.

Then, rename the launcher as "Close", add it as favourite, and add this last one as a custom XBMC menu entry.
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