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jgslima Offline
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Does MiniMeedia has normal mouse support?

I say that because in my PC I can't navigate with mouse. In some contexts, I can use the mouse wheel to change options, but that's all. Using Windows XP here.

Thanks and congrats for the skin.

PS: another question: at Home, no backgrounds are shown. After installation do I have to go to the settings and specify the backgrounds I want to use? I'm using build 22528.

Edited: now using build 23592, still no backgrounds.
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skunkm0nkee Offline
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I'm afraid the skin doesn't support the mouse as it's aimed it at sitting room/TV users.

The skin itself doesn't come with backgrounds (which is why it's so small) but if you look at the release thread (it's a sticky thread at the top of this forum) there are details about suggested backgrounds you can download.
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