[ANN] OpenELEC.tv - very small and fast booting Embedded Linux Distribution with XBMC

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newphreak Offline
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As far as i can see your user is already enabled, so either you found the mail, or somebody beat me to it. Smile

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MrLobster Offline
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Sorry if this has been asked before, but I've looked for 2 hours now and no success.

I have a number of remotes (MCE/non-MCE), but I really like using the SkyHD remote for my bedroom HTPC (currently XP using IRSS).

However I want to change to OpenElec, but the remote doesnt show any codes during IRW, while the MCE show buttons pressed.

I think It has to do with the lircd.conf not having the Sky remote codes.

As the system is read-only, how can I edit the file to include my remote? or can I place the file somewhere else?
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lrusak Offline
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"PPC is too slow, your CPU has no balls to handle HD content." ~ Davilla
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MrLobster Offline
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That will only work if lirc knows what the codes are being sent from the remote.

Lirc converts the sent signals to functions which xbmc can use.

But I cant edit lircd.conf to add my remote.
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zackpliskin Offline
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Can't seem to get this installed on the USB stick, let alone on an Apple TV internal HDD. I'm doing this from the Apple TV itself as it's the only device I have any form of Linux on at the moment. I'm sure the USB stick is good because I already used it to install Crystalbuntu on the original HDD and that went without a hitch.

When running the script (I SSH in via PuTTy) this is what I get. I blank the USB stick with zeroes first, as suggested

login as: atv

Crystalbuntu for AppleTV: April 2012 Update
by Sam Nazarko

Type ./configure to run the configuration utility.


atv@'s password:
Linux Crystalbuntu 2.6.24-28-generic #1 SMP Sat Oct 16 17:46:03 UTC 2010 i686

The programs included with the Ubuntu system are free software;
the exact distribution terms for each program are described in the
individual files in /usr/share/doc/*/copyright.

Ubuntu comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by
applicable law.

To access official Ubuntu documentation, please visit:
Last login: Thu Feb  3 17:34:01 2011 from
atv@Crystalbuntu:~$ disks
-bash: disks: command not found
atv@Crystalbuntu:~$ dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb bs=1M
dd: opening `/dev/sdb': Permission denied
atv@Crystalbuntu:~$ sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb bs=1M
[sudo] password for atv:
dd: writing `/dev/sdb': No space left on device
3819+0 records in
3818+0 records out
4003463168 bytes (4.0 GB) copied, 753.705 s, 5.3 MB/s
atv@Crystalbuntu:~$ md _FILES
-bash: md: command not found
atv@Crystalbuntu:~$ wget http://chewitt.openelec.tv/atv_swissarmyknife_linux.sh
--15:51:20--  http://chewitt.openelec.tv/atv_swissarmyknife_linux.sh
           => `atv_swissarmyknife_linux.sh'
Resolving chewitt.openelec.tv...
Connecting to chewitt.openelec.tv||:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 8,964 (8.8K) [application/x-sh]

100%[====================================>] 8,964         --.--K/s

15:51:20 (146.23 MB/s) - `atv_swissarmyknife_linux.sh' saved [8964/8964]

atv@Crystalbuntu:~$ chmod +x atv_swissarmyknife_linux.sh
atv@Crystalbuntu:~$ sudo ./atv_swissarmyknife_linux.sh
[sudo] password for atv:

*                                                                              *
*      Welcome to the OpenELEC AppleTV USB SwissArmyKnife creator script!      *
*                    created by chewitt@openelec.tv, v2.10                     *
*                                                                              *
Selecting previously deselected package hfsutils.
(Reading database ... 38733 files and directories currently installed.)
Unpacking hfsutils (from .../hfsutils_3.2.6-11build1_i386.deb) ...
Setting up hfsutils (3.2.6-11build1) ...

INFO: The following devices are available to create the SwissArmyKnife USB on:

parted: invalid option -- l
INFO: Please enter the install device (e.g. /dev/sdX): /dev/sdb

Error: Unable to open /dev/sdb - unrecognised disk label.
WARN: Continuing will erase the above partitions from /dev/sdb, continue? (Y/n): Y

INFO: Unmounting /dev/sdb2
INFO: Unmounting /dev/sdb1

Error: Unable to open /dev/sdb - unrecognised disk label.
INFO: Creating RECOVERY Partition
INFO: Creating OPENELEC Partition

INFO: Downloading atv_recovery.tar.gz
INFO: Extracting atv_recovery.tar.gz to RECOVERY partition
INFO: Checking filesystems & cleaning up

INFO: Unmounting /dev/sdb1
INFO: Unmounting /dev/sdb2

It then drops back to command prompt. I reboot to Recovery via the Apple TV remote by holding down - and MENU as suggested, and all that happens is the USB stick is ignored and Crystalbuntu boots as normal.

In the meantime I'm going to try booting some other Linux LiveCD on my laptop and prep the USB stick that way...
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zackpliskin Offline
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Nevermind. I got it installed and it's worse than Crystalbuntu, I think.
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MindTooth Offline
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Care to elaborate? Smile
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Dips Offline
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I installed OpenELEC 1.0 on my Revo a few months ago and I've noticed that most people are now running Eden.

I've looked at the new features of Eden but nothing stands out for me. Is there anything I'm missing by not installing Eden?
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