[Tutorial] Using Weather Fanart

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lol no, the problem is it doesn't match coincidental or otherwise. what's the point of showing a image of sundown with mild/spring weather if its bloody raining and its midday?

Images go on cycling but it doesn't match weather conditions nor does it match time of day, its almost like its shows what it wants whenever it wants.

Probably I'm not explaining myself properly.


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pcgirl Offline
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I am using Aeon Nox and I would like to know where I can change the location of the weather fanart. I set it for a certain location but I want to move the images to a different hard drive now and Aeon doesn't seem to let me change the location. Any ideas please?
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capfuturo Online
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For Aeon Nox 4.0.9, basically three options:

1) System -> Appearance -> Skin -> Settings -> Customisers -> Main menu item customiser -> Weather. Once there, just choose 'background' and set your desired path for your conditional weather fanart folder.

2) System -> Appearance -> Skin -> Settings -> Customisers -> Paths. Once there, just set your desired path for your conditional weather fanart folder.

3) On home screen select 'Weather', then press left button on your remote or hover on middle left arrow with your mouse. That will open the 'General' menu and right there, under 'View-type', select 'Appearance Setup', then 'Background Customiser' and you are ready to select your fallback images: single, multi or conditional weather folders.

Best, CF
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When i select weather in the home menu i get the weather fanart showing,but if i go into weather i just see a red curtain as a backround image and a movie clip board showing the current weather.
Why isnt it showing the same images as the home screen?
Im using Back-row skin (Frodo 12.2)


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FonziQ Offline
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In the Weather FanArt folders can i add photos of my city?
If i can,do i have to replace existing photos with my ones or just add them to the folder?

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blossom24 Offline
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Is this Weather fan-art still available?

I have tried all the links in this thread and the other thread mentioned in the first post and none of them are active.

Could you point me in the right direction please. No torrents though.

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AniMac Offline
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I used Ares, searched "dr toxic's weather" and hey presto. It's a torrent download but didn't need extracting. Once it finished, the weather folder was on my desktop and I copied it to SD.
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doug Offline
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If so, and using Confluence on Helix, edit Home.xml and remove:
                    <item id="13">
                    <item id="12">

(or just the portion withid="12" if radio is still desired.)

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