[LINUX] HOW-TO get Hama MCE Remote Control to fully work in Ubuntu 9.04

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No, just Tvheadend I'm afraid.

Use yaVDR and ask the dev's help at vdrportal.de. They speak English and are very helpful.

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I'm all new to xbmc and remote control and i'm facing a problem.
Sorry to use this thread but didn't want to make a whole new one just to ask a question.

I own a hama mce remote and using windows 7 x64 & xbmc 10.1 and wanted to know if there was a way to use the configuration hints given on the first post of this thread on windows os?

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xoanon Wrote:I changed the setup a little because I liked the keyboard emulation of the Hama MCE for my Launcher ( ubuntu netbook-launcher )

#  start the hama_mce HID parser/keycode translator for XBMC
#  There is also a LIRC driver available for this, but some buttons are unusable then, since
#  they send mouse button events instead of key press events.
# SYMLINK and MODE is not needed. but set the right OWNER!
BUS=="usb", ACTION=="add", SYSFS{idVendor}=="05a4", SYSFS{idProduct}=="9881", SYMLINK+="hamamce" OWNER="xbmc", MODE="0666"

now I can start the hama_mce binary ( read link doc ) and the xbmc with a little script. And only then the other input devices from the hama mce are dropped (keyboard/mouse).

Need some clarification. If you are running binary directly, then why do you have to change the hama_mce.rules. I didn't get that part.

Do you mind sharing your script. Curious to know how are you killing hama_mce when you exit XBMC. Something special or simple kill!
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