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(2015-08-24 11:26)AshG Wrote:  Hi Sharp - am I right in thinking you can't change/disable the submenus for Live TV? I can't see it as an option under settings although there seems to be submenu options for music. Movies etc..

The reason I ask is that the PVR (mythTV) that I use bundles both TV channels and radio channels together. Where as the submenu under Live TV list Radio channels and when selected nothing is displayed (a file window, listing my local share is displayed) ideally I would like to disable this option?

Hi AshG

Oh yeah you know I never did add the submenu customisation stuff for for live TV in the skin settings - I was going to but I guess, as I don't use the PVR functions myself, it's totally been missed.

When I get some time over the next week I'll see about adding those settings.
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