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(2016-02-16 18:52)Jeff Wrote:  I've checked with Confluence, and it recognises H265 (HEVC):

On Back Row:

During playback, information shows a box with ? (can't upload image at present)

Hope you can help

Thx in advance

Oh right yes I see what you mean now - I thought you meant that it couldn't play those files. No it won't detect that codec/container yet (in order to display what it is in library views) as it came out after the last release of Back Row so it wasn't included. Should hopefully be in the next release.
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Sorry. I didn't explain the problem very well in my 1st post.

Look forward to the next release
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Hi: new poster, long time Back Row user. I just upgraded to Isengard and then shortly after to Jarvis. Not sure how much of Kodi's recent erratic behaviour is the skin, and how much is something else. One thing: as an Add-On, Back Row is now listing as "incompatible," though I'm using it, and it says "Does Not Meet Dependencies" if I try to update it.

Recent Kodi misbehaviour:
-HMDI signal out "loses" TV when starting to play media, leaving TV chasing the signal before recovering it in about 5 seconds each time media is played, or media is stopped. (When switching between the Kodi interface and playing video)
-"Working" message shows frequently or constantly when playing certain media (often mp4s) and while it is displayed, no navigation work, including pause or stop.
-a lot of buffering

I've tried re-installing the Isengard version, and it's up the same tricks. Says there's an update for the Back Row add-on, but says "Does Not Meet Dependencies" if I try to do that. I've tried using Confluence, and it's doing some of the same. It seems there are certain files it can't reliably play, and I can't see any correlation between problems and those files being a certain container or format, or resolution or file size. Certain files play in VLC normally, but Kodi chokes on them.

Any ideas about things to try?
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