Feature Request - native resolution ( disable upscaling ) option

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ilovethakush Offline
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I'm sorry but I really don't understand the point of this.

1. I see absolutely no difference in the upscaling. ZERO.

2. If you have such amazing high quality equipment, why are you watching videos in such low resolution?
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Soli Offline
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This is a waste of time . That's why nothing has happened in the 6 years that this thread has existed. Besides, for all intents and purposes it's not possible to have "native resolution" apart from 1080p and 720p, meaning that for other resolutions you are probably forced to 800x600 or 1024x768 limited by either the gpu or the display/tv itself.
For 720p you already can upscale with lanczos which is pretty much good enough for everyone.

Only exception is to show 1080p at it's native res when using a 4k display, but that feature is already coming in Jarvis afaik.
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belegdol Offline
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The main benefit would be for watching 1080i material i believe
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FernetMenta Offline
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(2015-09-22 10:54)looun Wrote:  quote +1 ,
like auto-switch fps, i think a nice Feature for kodi can be "Adjusted display Output to match video Resolutions " , person like me have top level AV receiver or TV with high quality video processor for upscaling or enhancement

A consumer electronics device for less than 1000€ like given in your signature that is 4 years old does not do a better job than cheap up-to-date computer graphics.
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Frozone Offline
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As I just ordered a 4K TV I would like to have this feature as well, to let the TV handle all the upscaling.
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onlinespending Offline
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(2015-10-20 13:26)Frozone Wrote:  As I just ordered a 4K TV I would like to have this feature as well, to let the TV handle all the upscaling.

This is an especially valuable feature now that so many use Kodi on low power devices such as Raspberry Pi's and Android set-top boxes, where the only upscale algorithm offered is Bilinear. The upscaler in either an audio receiver or TV is often far superior. I think as a compromise at least the common standard resolutions should be optionally allowed to be passed through natively.
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Onbekend Offline
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I totally agree that this feature should be implemented. Honestly, I don't quite understand why many developers deem this feature unnecessary. Especially with modern 4K TV's, such as SONY's 2013 - 2015 4K TV's, the use of an external scaler makes a lot of sense, since these TV's have excellent processors (e.g. X1 processor with Reality Creation, etc.).

Basically, there should be a general setting for the GUI which includes resolution, bit depth and even chroma sub-sampling (this feature is now available),
then when starting playback of a video file, the used video setting should be changed according to the file played. The Video setting selected should reflect video resolution, bit depth, chroma subsampling and frames per second.
Moreoever, advanced settings should allow the user to choose which resolutions should be upscaled by Kodi, and which ones should be passed on to the external scaler.

This would be really cool!
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temm31 Offline
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Just started playing around with Kodi. I've been using popcorn hour players for years, since the a-110, and video output with native resolution was implemented as far i can remember.

A lot of folks, me included, use AVR's with dedicated video processing chips which do a very good job for what they are intended to do.

I hope this is can be implemented and will soon, since i'm intending on using kodi as my main media player.
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BigKid Offline
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I just got my new 4K TV and this introduced stuttering when playing back my existing videos with my existing HTPC (mostly 720p or 1080p).

I'm wondering Kodi is upscaling to 4K and this is too much for my "older" GPU (NVIDIA GTX740) or related to limitations of HDMI 1.x or something as hdmi 1.4a is only able to provide [email protected] if I'm not mistaken.

Native playback of the standard resolutions (480p, 576p, 720p and 1080p) should be possible.
Is there any hope/news for this in Kodi Jarvis ?

With 4K TVs getting more common I think this feature is getting more important again...
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macmpi Offline
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Yes indeed.
Suffering upscaling issues with Kodi on Pi Zero too...

Upscaling quality has been a key criteria when I bought my TV and Home cinema equipments, to ensure legacy SD content will show-up decently.

Would definitely be great if Kodi could let specialized Upscaler do the job if one wants to choose so.
Hope this will come soon.
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LittleLama Offline
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+1 please add this option, many other players have this since a long time.
Got a HCPC better than a raspberry but upscaling SD contents is inaccurate. My AV receiver upscales this much better without performance loss for the HCPC.
This option would enter Kodi in the hall of fame.
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Memphiz Offline
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Post: #192
which player has this?

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vmstek Offline
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ix400 Offline
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(2016-01-24 18:48)Memphiz Wrote:  which player has this?

Almost every modern BD-Player has a 'source direct' mode for video output.

e.g. Oppo BDP-103, Denon 3313UD

At least Kodi should have a mode that switches from HD to UHD if the video is UHD.

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