[RELEASE] Project xbmc-addons-chinese (Chinese addons/support Dharma)

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(2016-01-02 17:34)springroll Wrote:  
(2015-12-30 02:53)jang430 Wrote:  Does any of these plugins require the use of vpn?
I believe they all do.
In that case, which inexpensive, good vpn service do you recommend to be able to watch all these Chinese shows? Hope there's a cheap one.
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Could anyone tell me why I can not download the poster image when I am using the doubantv plugin in this source? If anyone know how to fix this, please tell me. Thanks a lot.
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(2016-01-02 17:35)springroll Wrote:  
(2015-11-06 19:52)springroll Wrote:  Hi - The chart section of plugin.video.yinyuetai doesn't seem to be working. Anyone else experiencing an error when trying to access the Chart section? Other sections seem to be ok though.

Hi, looks like the chart section of yinyuetai is broken again. FYI

The chart section of yinyuetai working again! It must be the site structure changes back and forth on its own, because I can see the add-on hasn't been updated. In any case, it's all good!

I do have a question about the Chinese keyboard that I believe Mr. Taxigps maintains: it works quite well. I currently have Traditional Chinese enabled in Jarvis RC3, with the keyboard enabled, the keyboard brings up the characters in Simplified Chinese. Is it by design or is there something I'm doing incorrectly? Was hoping I can type in traditional Chinese on the screen.
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Is anyone having difficulty watching Azdrama and Funshion?

With Funshion, when I select an episode to watch, it will play a 90 second commercial (advertising for some sort of TV or TV box sponsored by Funshion). Then the video does not play after the commercial is finished; the commercial just reloops and plays again and again.

With Azdrama, I am getting error messages playing any files.
EDIT: confirmed, other people experiencing same issue with azdrama (http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=149052&page=23)

I am using Kodi 16.0 Jarvis
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(2016-03-23 19:37)nexus14 Wrote:  Is anyone having difficulty watching Azdrama and Funshion?

I am using Kodi 16.0 Jarvis

You need to download the file below and manually install via System > Settings > Add-ons > install from Zip.


More info from this thread:
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Looks like Letv is yet again broken? Anyone in touch with the developer and can we expect a fix? Thanks!

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Hi, is there a videoplugin to acess qihoo 360 yunpan? some addon similar to those other cloud addons? preferably one in which you could add video to library and read subtitles... or listen to music.

if that is not asking too much Smile
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奇艺视频(QIYI) updated to v2.2.7
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