Windows - HOW-TO play Blu-ray Disc with External Player and auto adjust refresh rate

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amb7247 Offline
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just stumbled upon something at cyberlinks website so I added this to my command line:

@echo off
"C:\Program Files (x86)\CyberLink\PowerDVD12\PDVDLaunchPolicy.exe" AUTOPLAY BD H:\

now plays the movie automatically from XBMC.

Now I wish I can figure out how to go back into xbmc when I close PowerDVD without clicking xbmc on the taskbar.
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andrea_gi Offline
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Hello everyone, i'm Andrea from italy, as you might knows ours english usually sucks, so please forgive me and try to understand between the lines if some mistakes comes out ok?
thanks in advance

first of all, i'm currently using frodo rc2 with extremely satisfaction

I need/want to do something i can't find by searching into the forum...

basically when i play a bluray iso 2d/3d i can choise in the menu chapters to start with right?
i know 3d playback is still not supported by xbmc (people are using an external player to do that) but every 3d iso can be played in 2d mode, and i want to use internal player to do that and external for 3d

so i came out with this "simple" idea
add some choise to playback menu

can i add in any ways 2 option like:

1) play disc as 2d -> start playback with default xbmc player
2) play disc as 3d -> start pdvd as external player that close xbmc, and when i close it come back to xbmc

is it possible?if yes how can i do it??

thank to everyone that can help me out with this...
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zipdaman12 Offline
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Thumbs Up  RE: HOW-TO play Blu-ray Disc with External Player and auto adjust refresh rate
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I just wanted to post my thanks to the author of this tutorial. It worked like a charm and Now I have finally integrated my blu ray player and movies seamlessly into my XBMC installation.
Thank you so much for sharing.

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verismo Offline
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is it possible to play dvds on a dvd external drive following this tutorial?
(This post was last modified: 2013-08-04 00:21 by verismo.)
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Soujirou Seta Offline
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This work with Gotam distribution?

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longyace Offline
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Where and how cam I watch T.V shows with this?
Looking for The Walking Dead if anyone can help please.
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Ned Scott Offline
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(2013-12-03 02:34)longyace Wrote:  Where and how cam I watch T.V shows with this?
Looking for The Walking Dead if anyone can help please.

Considering the thread you posted in, the instructions would be like this:

1. Rent or buy The Walking Dead on Blu-ray disc.
2. Insert disc into XBMC box or blu-ray player.
3. Watch The Walking Dead.
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kobelili Offline
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You Can try UFUSoft Blu-ray Player
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Bedwyr Offline
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Hi. I'd like to keep this thread in mind, but would like to try getting native bluray playback working inside XBMC first (Windows 8). I'm seeing some tutorials that teach how to use make MKV but appear outdated (they refer to plugins instead of addons) and I want to be sure I have a shot at getting this working in Frodo and the current directory structure.

Thanks if you can point me to a current best thread.
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