PCHC Windows XP to Sony 46W4500 issue

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Hello all,

I discover XBMC and it's wouah Smile nice.

I would like to build a PCHC with XBMC instead of buying a WDTV live for example.

So my first test is succeed but ... let me explain my test:

I have a PC windows XP sp3 /Geforce 8800GT - HDMI - Sony kdl-46w4500

Put on the pc, screen resolution is 1920*1080 in available 24,50,60hz as default. native is 1080p/60hz.

I works great but i don't see all the windows desktop and same in xbmc, i see also xmc cutted which is less nice to click on some button.

There is a possibility via advanced video config of nvidia to resize the screen to see everything, if i'm doing this , i lost the 24hz resolution which is not acceptable for me.

For the moment, all my movies are in a pc with a ps3 media server to PS3 console (as ps3 is a stupid media server). It represent a lot of energy consumption lost ...

That's why i would like to move to a PCHC solution.

It's not a problem on xbmc but as xbmc is recommended for a free PCHC solution, this should be a solution somewhere, can you help me ?
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At a guess I'd say your problem is that you have overscan enabled on your television. Overscan trims off the edges of the screen, which is why you tend to lose the Start button and task bar. They are still there, but they are off the edge of the screen. Most modern televisions have an option to disable overscan. You need to go through the manual for your TV.

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Thanks for your reply.

I have change a config parameter on the TV.
it's full pixel settings and now i see completely the screen resolution

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