Auto master mode not working properly?

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I have a couple of profiles setup and I'm using a master profile with a master lock code for my own profile. I have also enabled the "login screen" and configured my advancedsettings.xml as follows:






However, the <automastermode> setting doesn't seem to be working. When I first start XBMC, I'm presented with the login screen and I select my profile (the master profile) and I'm asked for the master lock, which I input and login. So far, master mode is not enabled (which I think it should be?). I then go to System ยป Profiles and the master code is asked again, which I input correctly. At this point I also expect to enter master mode because of the <automastermode> setting, but it doesn't work.

The only way to enter master mode is to press the "power" button and select the pink button to "enter master mode".

Why is the <automastermode> setting not working?
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