Mark watched working for some non-library items

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Question  Mark watched is enabled for some non-library items
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I have a couple of folders of files that I can't add to the library (family videos etc.), and one folder right now lets me toggle the watched status of these videos. Another does not.

Neither folder's videos are in the library.

If this is a feature, how can I enable the same functionality in the other folder?
If this is a bug, how can I make sure it happens again? Nod
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Trying to figure out why this is working for some folders, so that I can enable it for others. Started poking around in my database files with sqlite browser.

The paths to folders that allow watched/unwatched are listed in the 'path' table.
Their strContent type is set to "" (empty string), as is scraper and everything else other than id and the actual path string.
No parent folders are in the table.

Anybody have any ideas?
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Please provide a step-by-step guide so we can try to reproduce.

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