Help on content scanning/library for TV Shows

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Hey Folks,

didn't use the library/content features of XBMC yet, I know shame on me :-)
Anyway, I am playing around with it now and need some help.

First, I got most if not all of my TV Shows packed as multiple rars. I don't want to unpack them just for content scanning. In addition to that, I have every single Episode of a show in a single folder. My structure for a show, let's say 24 looks like this:


and so on ....

Automated scanning does not work for me with this structure. I can however, scan single Episodes if I enter the Season1 Directory and try to set content for an Episodes Folder etc. etc.
Obviously I don't want to add Episode by Episode ... would take ages.

Can anybody give me a hint how to get automated Scan to work with the directory structure above, and with packed releases in rar format?



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