[LINUX] Power management issues on a M3N78-VM

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I'm running XBMC 9.11 Camelot, installed from the live-cd onto a 4GB SD card in an attached card reader, I have an HTPC built of:
  • M3N78-VM Motherboard
  • AMD LE-1250 CPU (2.4ghz single core)
  • 2GB of DDR2 RAM
  • No internal Harddrive (I play everything off the network)
  • NVIDIA 9500GT (there was a bug in the support for the onboard 8200 when I bought this board, and I didn't have an hdmi capable TV at the time), currently the TV is hooked up through Composite cables but HDMI cables are on the way and should be here next week
  • Envy24 based audio card which I use with the optical out
  • I also have a cheap USB remote control, which acts as a USB-HID, specifically a mouse/keyboard with media keys, you can see it here on Ebay but there's not really good specs/information visible
  • a Hauppage pvr-150 that is installed but not currently doing anything, or hooked up externally
    • My problems are as follows:

      1. When I resume the PC after a suspend, XBMC cannot play videos anymore (I can't play music right now to test, but that's unrelated and I think I can solve it on my own), It shoots up to 100% CPU usage and becomes unresponsive, this is the main issue.
      2. I cannot power-off/suspend the HTPC with the remote, the power button does absolutely nothing, I believe I have to map the keys but am not sure how, or even how to get the key codes displayed
      3. I thought I was able to power-ON the device with the remote in a previous version, but I can't remember for sure, anyone with the board know if it's possible to power this particular board on via a USB device? the BIOS doesn't show an option for it, but does show it for PS2 keyboards
        • Attached information:
          • A Pastebin of my dmesg, you can see I suspended at 133.161496, then resumed at 134.022113 (I'm impatient, and only waited probably a minute or less)
          • A Pastebin of lspci -v, this lists all devices, their drivers and capabilities, in case that's relevant
          • A Pastebin of my xbmc.log, I believe you can see the suspend at 19:12ish and the resume at 19:13:40,
            • Let me know if there's any other information needed to help get this resolved, Thanks for your time!
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Well, I hadn't wanted to do this because it's a hack job, but I hooked my HTPC up with HDMI (My HTPC is sitting on a milk-crate in front of the TV with cables everywhere) and removed the envy24 sound card, and now it suspends and resumes without a problem (I still can't wake it up with the remote though), I had suspected it was a problem with pulseaudio, but for now I'll call it "Something sound related" and consider it resolved, Sorry for the noise.
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