[MOD] Weather with Weather.com Plus Plugin

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Post: #46
dunno why this isn't the default on all skins the normal weather.com is rubbish compared to weather.com plus
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Post: #47
how do you get this installed when it is not an Add-On? I am on beta 1.

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Post: #48
Dont think this works with Dhamra at all
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indeed don't think nuka ever released the updated plugin to work with the new addon system.
but even with that it would need more skin work again
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Post: #50
not working on the ATV FW 4.21 anyone have a fix
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Great work on this plugin!!

I'm having an issue on the Alert screen it shows that there is an alert but the text of the warning itself is a garbled up mess. It seems like I saw someone mentioned the same problem somewhere and a solution but I just can't seem to find it. Would appreciate some assistance.

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