[WIP] XBMC + Spotify = True (an XBMC implementation that uses Spotify's official API)

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(2014-03-05 12:26)StefanK Wrote:  
(2013-11-01 22:34)Jz123 Wrote:  I don't think its worth yet to invest time in it to make it work Tongue Or atleast till the future freeze

I haven't spent time on the Gotham alphas, but I just tested the beta version last night. It seems that streaming (airplay) spotify from IOS7 works again - even with a nice graphic showing what is being streamed.
Now we are just looking forward to an integrated version - will you promise us some more excellent work Jz123 Smile either now or after the final version...

No worries , havent forgot it here Wink Although has to really look into github again how it was working Rofl Also keep in mind i'm not a coder. So to make it work for a new version i'm mayby not the right person. Although i can look into Nod We'll see the final is what i always use Tongue
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I found an alternative to spotyxbmc.

For me this one works better, as it's more stable for me and it can also be used from android remote yatse. But I like the integration of spotify in xbmc better in spotyxbmc...
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Since spotify changed its "collection" ... this addon will need a complete rework i think

The music database in xbmc used the "starred" tracks from spotify , right?
But spotify isnt using starred tracks anymore, it now has "your music" featuring albums and artist etc...

I hope we can expect an update ?
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You can still star tracks within XBMC (Right click) or roll back to old version of Spotify & star tracks as before.

On a different note...


It's great that Logo & background fanarts are pulled through when playing a track but is there anyway we could get the cdart.png to work?
(Always bugged me that this doesn't work!)

Never understood how XBMC manages to display the correct Artist & Album name but doesn't pull through the cdart.

Is there any way we could use the spotify Album uri:

eg. Artist: Foals, Album: Antidotes
The spotify URI is spotify:album:4FIDNlGVXZ4pCxdMjJXHoE

Just setup a folder 4FIDNlGVXZ4pCxdMjJXHoE & put the cdart in there?


Baffles me that people are still making spotify addons... this one just needs continued development. It is the best by far!
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Anyone got this going with Gotham?
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