[RELEASE] Rom Collection Browser - Browse and launch emulator game ROMs

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hackbird Offline
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Thx aquiles2k,

but i dont want to use it for windows.
I like to run it on openelec.
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aquiles2k Offline
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Oh ok, you never said that.

Anyways one second on google presented me that:

So my question is more like, what have you actually tried to do yet and where has it failed. I guess you are using kodi on your openelec box? So have you tried to open the context menu and create a new or edit an existing ROM collection to use your retroarch cores?
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ldavet Offline
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(2015-04-24 20:16)hackbird Wrote:  Hello malte,

i got two problems with RCB.

1. Can i use RCB with retroarch? When yes how?

2. When i install RCB i got no conf. wizzard on the beginning. So i dont no how to setup my roms into RCB

1. Yeah you can. In emulator params you'll need to use RetroArch command-line parameters to use a specific core for a single collection as well as a specific config file. Recommended to start RetroArch in fullscreen, too.

2. Most likely you need to clear previous collection data. RCB won't ask you to create a conf file if a collection already exists.
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