[REQUEST] Plugin for Sidereel & Watch movies

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owen1978 Offline
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Requesting a plugin for;


I am using XBMC Live

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jasni Offline
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Was just looking at the content on sidereel.com, wondering if any of the great coders around here has taken a stab at this one?
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blackoutworm Offline
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Bumping up this request. Old thread, but damn I want this too!

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fruzmatik Offline
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Bump...An add on for sidereel would be awesome!
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theNrg Offline
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jumping on the bump party .. sidereel plugin with followed tv shows and air time would be extremely awesome
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PESimard Offline
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Bump it too. Wow! I haven't done the bump in years... Smile Still want to stream Sidereel though, and willing to help, though I'm brand spanking new at Python.
From the previous, there seems low interest in this site, but it might be because few have discovered it. I just did, and found all the episodes I missed last week available for streaming.

I really want an add-on to do this, but have little idea where to start. I'm still trying to learn XBMC's design and architecture, as well as Python. A Sidereel add-on would be very useful for a home project I'm currently working.

Just a quick bump score: 1 in 2010, 1 in 2011, 1 in 2012, 3 since Feb. 2013. Interest is building it seems.

Any other takers?
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chewara Offline
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and another bump in 2014 Smile
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ace310 Offline
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Bump in 2016. Any coder can try hands on this. I love the site and use regularly. It would be nice to have it on Kodi.


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