CrystalHD & current SVN builds of XBMC?

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davilla Offline
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not a clue but you have only told me part of the story but only showing a grep of xbmc.log, it.

MediaInfo :
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icedtrip Wrote:What container is the video in? Are they MKVs? Reason I ask is that I have issues with VC1 videos inside MKV containers. If I use tsMuxer to mux it into an m2ts file, they play flawlessly. h.264 videos inside MKVs play just fine for me.

I got that idea of muxing into an m2ts file from this post:

Sorry for coming back so late. Yes - actually the VC1s are always packed into an MKV container. I will try to remux them to M2TS (without re-encoding).

In the mean time I did not use the Broadcom Card very often. It is part of a Mac mini 2006 (with a C2D 2.16 GHz Upgrade), which also manages my music library. Thus I have to manually load and unload the kext every time I use XBMC because the kext does not allow sleep. This is not very comfortable.

@Davilla: Do you plan to integrate sleep capability into the kext in the future?

Mac min early 2006 upgraded to 2.16 GHz, 2 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD, BluRay-Drive. Now with a Crystal HD 970012 Decoder.
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