Finding help about Chinese(Simple)

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cjl9142 Offline
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This is the first time I use XBMC.

I found that when I selected Chinese(Simple),I didn't get any Chinese characters but many boxes.I am wondering how I can do?

Thanks for your help.
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rubenm Offline
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Location: beijing, china
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most skins use fonts that don't have chinese characters. you can try to replace the fonts used with something like "Droid Sans Fallback" which supports most characters, but this might destroy the layout in some cases.

i am currently working on a simple skin that will use the droid font. it should work with both 繁体 and 简体. but it is nowhere near done. 你在中国的什么地方?
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droople Offline
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I thought the skin can choose fonts automatically.

Mediaportal can display chinese correctly.
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spiff Offline
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switch to the arial fontset.
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tchow Offline
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the change the chinese need to take time to do it. 50% use system to do it. Another 50% do it from yourself. I did it on the aeon nex silvo skin
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