SortTV: Sort TV episodes, movies, and music into directories for xbmc (Linux/Win/Mac)

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I can't seem to find the right settings. If renaming is turned on everything is renamed and move names are changed. This is the directory structure I was hoping to create.


movies/moviename (year)/movie.original.filename.mkv

Is this possible?
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Thanks for all your work again cliffe !!
We really need an icon for this "app" !!!! Do you have one beatyful ?

I want to plug it with my pushover account to stay notify on what happens during execution Big Grin
Do you think we can create a extra mod for that ?

EDIT : Idea
[Image: pgnLES6.png]
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Completely new to even running Perl scripts, I could have missed something pretty simple and obvious. I have installed everything and the script seems to run ok in Windows. Checked the first 3 pages and last 3 pages of this thread to see if anything is reported or discussed and couldn't see it.

Ok solved my other problem. Crash course in regex and written my own movie/tv sort expressions into the perl script.

For some reason the info/log for the script says it's scraped all of the files, created all of the directories, done the rename and save.

In my new structure the folders have been created but there are no files. I'm running as administrator and have turned dryrun off so don't know why they aren't transferring?

Any ideas?

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