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I will list the changes or additions I am either working on or that are planned for the next version of reFocus. This will be updated as I go and it is not a definitive list.

General plans to be completed before 1.0 (incomplete)
  • Further improvement re. watched status, like dimming unwatched
  • improvements to font usage for unicode fontset
  • improvements regarding touchscreen navigation (possibly)

reFocus 0.9.6 (pending)
  • Dutch translation update
  • tv guide home menu entry selection switched
  • time and date not shown in video playlist when video is playing
  • overlapping info in videoverlay with online content
  • thumbnails view selection not visible for files
  • added Norwegian translation (thanks The-Boxhead)
  • now playing visibility toggle in home menu settings

reFocus 0.9.5 (released 26.12.11)
  • ADDED: videowindow in videoplaylist screen can be selected to switch to playing video
  • ADDED: artworkdownloader add-on support
  • ADDED: option to download extrafanart
  • ADDED: option to show extrafanart in gallery views
  • CHANGE: fixed/reworked basic weather support
  • FIX: flatten toggle not available
  • ADDED: tv show logos in slide view (unwatched, in progress, and recently added)
  • CHANGE: return to home for custom playlists
  • CHANGE: tweaks to video sources/music videos list view
  • ADDED: greater flexibility in home menu customization
  • CHANGE: moved home main and sub menu settings to one dialog
  • ADDED: unwatched / in progress overlays to Deck view
  • ADDED: network logo to banner and small thumbnail view
  • CHANGE: updated Spanish translation (thanks MaDDoGo)
  • FIX: wrong infolabels in Gallery view
  • ADDED: GlobalSearch add-on support
  • ADDED: nextaired add-on library integration enhancements
  • FIX: fixes for thumbnail views in playlists
  • FIX: fix album title in music library thumbnails view
  • FIX: thumbnails view not loading in playlists
  • CHANGE: updated Polish translation (thanks xzbit)
  • CHANGE: readded some font declarations for referenced by scripts
  • FIX: fix: positioning of notification area when muted
  • CHANGE: updated Korean translation (thanks epoke)
  • FIX: slide + thumbnails views not selectable in smart playlists
  • CHANGE: notification sound
  • FIX: various window title issues
  • ADDED:extrafanart download button
  • CHANGE: return focus to window when refreshing weather from menu
  • FIX: watchlist shows episode 1 for every item
  • ADDED: make slideview available to music video artists
  • FIX: fanart and poster toggle labels are switched
  • CHANGE: reworked watchlist support
  • ADDED: watchlist localization
  • CHANGE: close options menu when choosing search or filter
  • FIX: list view using wrong itemheight for seasons in add-on content
  • FIX: autoscroll focused dialog listitem
  • FIX: window options menu navigation issues
  • FIX: notification dialog overlaps clock in video playlist screen
  • ADDED: videowindow in videoplayist screen can be selected to switch to fullscreen
  • CHANGE: load watchlist on startup & skin change
  • ADDED: fixed/reworked basic weather add-on support
  • ADDED: artwork downloader add-on: changes to allow user to choose from results
  • FIX: flatten toggle not available
  • ADDED: tv show logos in slide view (unwatched, in progress, and recently added episodes)
  • ADDED: unwatched/partially watched overlays to deck view
  • FIX: season thumb not showing in list view
  • FIX: plot description too long in banner view
  • ADDED: nextaired add-on library integration enhancements
  • ADDED: added support for Artwork Downloader add-on

reFocus (released 26.11.11)
  • FIX: positioning of notification area when audio muted
  • FIX: release year missing from library
  • FIX: some localization
  • FIX: tv show title not shown browsing at episode & season level
  • FIX: home menu labels dissapear when player controls are active

reFocus 0.9.4 (released 25.11.11)
  • CHANGE: implement skin variables
  • CHANGE: reworked viewtypes and viewtype availability conditions to be much more flexible, allowing add-ons to use most viewtypes
  • CHANGE: PVR refinements
  • CHANGE: refinements to various dialog windows
  • CHANGE: reworked filebrowser icons
  • CHANGE: reworked settings icons
  • ADDED: big list view available in music library
  • ADDED: new network flags
  • ADDED: support for nextaired add-on
  • ADDED: integration of nextaired add-on in library
  • ADDED: support for watchlist add-on
  • ADDED: rating flags to banner viewtype
  • ADDED: banner list view is now called "Deck", available to non-banner thumbs too
  • CHANGE: use separate focus and unfocused images for various overlay images
  • ADDED: partially watched overlays to video library
  • CHANGE: various PVR dialog fixes
  • ADDED: support for peripherals manager
  • CHANGE: reworked video and music info dialogs/windows
  • ADDED: locked source icon
  • CHANGE: refinement to files listings
  • CHANGE: animation tweaks
  • CHANGE: a lot of code restructuring / cleanup / optimization
  • FIX: various bugs, too many to mention

reFocus 0.9.3 (released 01.10.11)
  • ADD: Swedish translation (thanks jolid) - done
  • FIX: Gallery view, infobar disappears - done
  • CHANGE: Use ListItem.Date instead of ListItem.Premiered - done
  • FIX: make logo part of zoom in gallery view - done
  • CHANGE: optimize/simplify viewtype loading - done
  • ADD: hd icon in list viewtype - done
  • CHANGE: texture optimizations - done
  • FIX: Warner Bros studio flag appears double - done
  • FIX: release date in movie info (amt) disappears - done
  • ADD: improvements to displaying movie sets
  • ADD: thumbnails view small grid layout available in seasons - done
  • FIX: unwatched indicators not aligned properly in episode thumbnails view - done
  • CHANGE: cleaner set content dialog - done
  • CHANGE: cleaner smart playlist editor dialog - done
  • CHANGE: cleaner add source dialog - done`
  • CHANGE: clearer selection in xbmc subtitles dialog - done
  • FIX: background missing in loginscreen - done
  • ADD: Russian translation (thanks cwalker) - done
  • CHANGE: cleaner channel manager dialog - done
  • FIX: seekbar not showing in recent nightly builds - done
  • ADD: releasedate in amt thumbnails view - done
  • CHANGE: restructuring of mediaflags - done
  • ADD: audio channels flag in slide view - done
  • FIX: missing shade texture in album info screen - done
  • FIX: discography list in album info not positioned correctly - done
  • CHANGE: updates to media flags - done
  • CHANGE: cleaner group manager dialog (pvr) - done
  • FIX: plot missing in thumbnails view small grid layout - done
  • CHANGE: PVR refinement / consistency - ongoing
  • CHANGE: new channel logos - done
  • CHANGE: xml filename restructuring - done
  • FIX: seekbar and video osd overlap - done
  • ADD: progressbar in video osd (option) - done
  • FIX: video osd plot does not autoscroll - done
  • ADD: record label flag updates - done
  • CHANGE: return focus to window menu top level before applying viewtype / automatically close window menu after applying viewtype - done
  • CHANGE: various texture updates - done
  • ADD: weather plus support
  • CHANGE: new shutdown menu dialog - done
  • ADD: subtitle toggle in osd - done
  • CHANGE: animation tweaks and optimizations - done
  • ADD: pvr stream information in fullscreen video- done
  • CHANGE: universal osd display and controls - done
  • ADD: banner & logo download function in video info dialog - done
  • FIX: don't show weather in submenu when weather is not fetched - done
  • CHANGE: clearer navigation in xbmc subtitles add-on - done
  • CHANGE: major code optimization and reduction - done
  • ADD: french translation (thanks wolfodeiwolfy) - done
  • CHANGE: reworked filebrowser dialog - done
  • ADD: support for new peripherals manager - done
  • CHANGE: restructured and reworked homescreen menu - done
  • ADD: dutch translation update (thanks Martijn) - done
  • ADD: more homescreen menu customization options - done
  • ADD: custom homescreen menu entries - done
  • CHANGE: restructured skin settings screen - done
  • CHANGE: updated Spanish translation (thanks MaDDoGo) - done
  • CHANGE: optimizations reg. unicode fontset - done
  • CHANGE: redesigned bookmarks dialog - done
  • CHANGE: <onback> support, exit menus using back key - done
  • CHANGE: options menus rewrite, don't show disabled entries - done
  • ADD: support for xbmcflicks addon - done
  • ADD: display plugin names in window titles - done
  • ADD: new and reworked movie studio logos (thanks Martijn) - done
  • ...and many, many more fixes, optimizations, performance improvements - done

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Please post reFocus support questions on the public forum instead of messaging me. Thank you.

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Post: #2
reFocus 0.9.1 (released 13.06.11)
  • FIX: funky WindowClose transition animation - done
  • FIX: going to video files shows video add-ons in the window title - done
  • FIX: going to movie countries shows video add-ons in the window title - done
  • FIX: going to movie directors shows directors in the window title, instead of movie directors - done
  • FIX: going to music video directors shows directors in the window title, instead of music video directors - done
  • FIX: several other incorrect window titles - done
  • FIX: enter playlist from video submenu and back out; the window title display video addons instead of video playlists - done
  • FIX: going to movie sets shows countries in the window title - done
  • CHANGE: programs in homescreen menu should open program add-ons - done
  • FIX: button area in addon settings dialog too big - done
  • CHANGE: updated German translation (thanks otcho)
  • CHANGE: updated Korean translation (thanks epoke)
  • FIX: unwatched indicator alignment - done, hopefully
  • FIX: recentlyadded issues - done
  • FIX: unwatched indicators in filemode - done
  • FIX: video playlists shows a blank shadow border - done
  • FIX: fallback texture not working in artists list view - done
  • FIX: "Artist Born" was using label for "Artist Formed" - done
  • CHANGE: Don't allow viewtypes to be chosen for add-ons that aren't suitable for it - done
  • FIX: Romanian characters don't display properly - done
  • FIX: Spanish characters don't display properly - done
  • FIX: custom homescreen slideshow not showing up - done
  • CHANGE: improved window titles in add-on browser - done
  • FIX: tv show logo shown in gallery view when disabled in settings - done
  • FIX: fanart image in list view has wrong aspect ratio - done
  • ADD: thumbnail views available in music add-ons - done
  • ADD: thumbnail views available in pictures add-ons - done
  • ADD: thumbnail views available in programs add-ons - done
  • ADD: item count and sorting method info in media views (optional) - done
  • CHANGE: plot in fanart/episode listview is now on by default and not optional - done
  • FIX: several aspect ratio issues on movie/tv show posters and fanart- done
  • ADD: Container.FolderName support - done, sort of
  • ADD: on screen windowmenu access indicators (optional) - done
  • FIX: unwatched overlay not showing in gallery view - done
  • CHANGE: tweaked homescreen animations - done
  • FIX: time remaining is partially off screen when video > 1 hour - done
  • ADD: Proper kiosk mode - done
  • ADD: add-on broken warning and reason in add-on info dialog - done.
  • FIX: the big picture add-on update skin compatibility breakage - done
  • CHANGE: remove recentlyadded script dependency - done
  • FIX: entry not showing in submenu when not logged into - done
  • FIX: hang on switching to EPG timeline view - done
  • ADD: some new tv network logos - done
  • FIX: no selection visible on name field in smart playlist editor - done
  • FIX: misalignment of menu indicator in info screens - done
  • FIX: various overlapping label issues in screen titles - done
  • FIX: unwatched overlay appearing in non-suitable places - done
  • ADD: option to choose between scraped and local (banner.jpg) images for banners - done
  • ADD: visual representation of buffering progress in video seekbar - done
  • ADD: buttons in skin settings to download banner and logo images - done
  • FIX: album info tracklist breakage - done
  • ADD: season totals info - done
  • CHANGE: updated Romanian translation - done (thanks Galefury)
  • CHANGE: updated Spanish translation - done (thanks MaDDoGo)
  • CHANGE: updated Korean translation - done (thanks epoke)
  • CHANGE: removed add-ons section from skin settings, as buttons in OSD will prompt user to select/install add-ons anyway - done
  • ADD: thumbnails view available to episodes - done
  • FIX: fixes for kiosk mode - done
  • CHANGE: updated togglebutton glyphs, better distinguishable states - done
  • CHANGE: updated song info dialog - done

reFocus 0.9.0 (pulled)
  • ADD: PVR support - done
  • ADD: PVR functions in player controls - done
  • ADD: Library totals on homescreen - done
  • FIX: remaining scrollbar issues - done
  • ADD: proper cinema experience add-on support - done
  • FIX: addon content reverting to list view - done
  • FIX: NGC flag issue - done
  • ADD: some missing network flags - done
  • CHANGE: improvements re. unwatched items visibility - done
  • CHANGE: rss visibility controlled by xbmc setting instead of skin setting - done
  • CHANGE: filemanager restyle - done
  • CHANGE: playlist editor restyle - done
  • ADDED: option to remove pictures from homescreen menu - done
  • CHANGE: removed panel view for artists in favor of thumbnails view - done
  • ADD: network flag in recently added episodes (slide view) - done
  • FIX: programs entry not shown in main menu - done
  • CHANGE: improve navigation in add-on settings dialog - done
  • FIX: get rid of redundant includes
  • ADD: reboot entry in home exit menu - done
  • ADD: eject disc entry in home menu - done
  • FIX: unable to get to backspace button in keyboard dialog when using remote - done
  • CHANGE: redesigned video OSD info (thanks Sranshaft)
  • CHANGE: animation tweaks - done
  • ADD: buffering progress in osd - done
  • CHANGE: rearrange osd controls - done
  • FIX: tv show gallery view, episode count cut off - done
  • CHANGE: content-aware video playlist - done
  • ADD: thumbnails view for music videos - done
  • ADD: tv show plot in slide view for seasons - done
  • FIX: selection in osd bookmarks dialog not visible - done
  • CHANGE: slowed down homescreen slideshow switching a bit - done
  • CHANGE: content aware addon browser list view - done
  • ADD: addonbrowser entry in homemenu - done
  • ADD: add-on ratings (feature not activated in XBMC yet) - done
  • CHANGE: rearrange list view for program add-ons - done
  • CHANGE: improvements to list view for add-ons - done
  • FIX: bigpicture add-on; description is not hidden/shown on pressing info button - done
  • ADD: big list view available for movies & tvshows - done
  • CHANGE: simplify rating method in song info dialog - done
  • CHANGE: new startup sequence - done
  • CHANGE: texture optimizations / reduced memory footprint - done
  • ADD: duration in songs list and slide view - done
  • ADD: thumbnails view available for songs - done
  • FIX: font modifications to support special characters for various languages (thanks Kolabor) - done
  • ADD: file date in video files list and slide view - done
  • CHANGE: move most commonly used functions to main area in movie info screen
  • CHANGE: bring album and artist info screen up to snuff - done
  • CHANGE: update thebigpicture add-on support
  • CHANGE: change the way poster/thumb borders are handled. better scalability and speed/smoothness - done
  • ADD: second banner based viewtype - done
  • CHANGE: original banner viewtype now uses banner.jpg in tv show's folder - done
  • CHANGE: sanitize skin settings internal naming scheme (reconfiguring of preferences necessary) - done
  • CHANGE: update lyrics add-on dialog - done
  • CHANGE: music OSD redesign - done
  • ADD: display tv show title in container when using smartplaylist - done
  • CHANGE: thumbnails in pictures list view now keep aspect ratio - done
  • FIX: horizontal scrollbar gripper was using same texture for focused and unfocused states - done
  • CHANGE: better visual distinction between files and folders in files view - done
  • ADD: caps lock button in osd keyboard - done
  • CHANGE: slight layout changes to osd keyboard - done
  • ADD: added Romanian translation (thanks Galefury)
  • CHANGE: updated Polish translation (thanks Kolabor)
  • CHANGE: updated Spanish translation (thanks tonybeccar)
  • ADD: unfinished Dutch translation
  • UPDATED: Korean translation (thanks epoke)
  • CHANGE: switch to .xbt compression - done
  • CHANGE: updated numeric input dialog - done

reFocus (released 06.02.11)
  • fix: programs not showing up in home menu
  • fix: virtual keyboard navigation issues
  • fix: no selection possible in audio settings
  • fix: xbmc subtitles add-on support broken after add-on update
  • added: preliminary cinema experience add-on support

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Please post reFocus support questions on the public forum instead of messaging me. Thank you.

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reFocus (released 05.12.10)
  • fix: borked scrollbars - done
  • add: mute icon on homescreen - done
  • add: not available notification in homescreen weather entry when no internet connection available - done
  • fix: overlapping text: music artists / music add-ons - done
  • fix: music playlist screen pagelabel using wrong font - done
  • fix: add-on select window showing version # twice instead of version and author - done
  • fix: scroll right indicator in fullscreen gallery view not displaying - done
  • fix: gallery strip view for pictures using wrong font - done
  • fix: add-on specific info for pictures list view - done
  • fix: recently played video toggle not working - done
  • fix: viewtype resets to listview sometimes when listing add-ons content - done (hopefully)
  • add: support for "The Big Picture" add-on - done (thanks Sphere)

[Image: xchQLzN.png]

Please post reFocus support questions on the public forum instead of messaging me. Thank you.

reFocus GitHub
My Add-on repository
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Posts: 2,796
Joined: Feb 2008
Reputation: 36
Location: The Netherlands
Post: #4
reFocus (released 24.10.10)
  • fix: system sounds don't work - done
  • fix: browse in video submenu had a wrong path - done

reFocus 0.8.9 (released 24.10.10)
  • added: korean translation and unicode fontset (thanks epoke)
  • change: encoding of all xml's to utf-8 because of the above - done
  • fix: posterframe missing in video info screen - done
  • fix: addon notification overlaps scanning dialog - done
  • change: volume dialog label displays volume level - done
  • change: disable sortletter in certain sorting methods - done
  • change: poster images were not set to load in background in slide view - done
  • fix: progressbar and media overlay stay visible when backing out fs video when paused - done
  • change: hide exit menu options for xbox when not supported - done
  • change: slight changes to content settings dialog layout - done
  • added: some new time of day pictures - done
  • change: changed thumbnails view layout for add-ons - done
  • fix: song info dialog not displaying all labels - done
  • fix: CU Lyrics dialog not displaying all labels - done
  • change: redesigned osd slider dialog - done
  • fix: in music panel view the highlighted artists name pops up - done
  • added: support for two extra custom video playlist entries in the home menu - done
  • change: refined settings screen, revised icons - done
  • fix: music/video overlays not visible in settings screen - done
  • change: updated Polish translation (thanks RafałWink
  • fix: navigation mapping wrong in smart playlist rule editor - done
  • added: alternate fontset for non-lowercase titles and media info - done (rough)
  • fix: navigation mapping wrong in profile settings dialog - done
  • added: some new network logos - done
  • added: "HD" flag when using fanart in list view - done
  • fix: changelog.txt was formatted wrong - done
  • change: added pagecontrols to textviewer dialog - done
  • fix: pictures list view was not showing "collage" for folders - done
  • fix: network flags for some bbc channels were cut off partially - done
  • added: "collage" for picture folders not displayed - done
  • added: mute icon - done
  • change: fix for font not displaying certain characters in uppercase (thanks RafałWink
  • added: support for tv-rage add-on - done

reFocus 0.8.8 (released 29.08.10)
  • fix: genre and formed info should only be in artists - done
  • fix: fix cast list overlapping in video info screen - done
  • fix: kiosk mode doesn't disable side menu access in info screens (temp solution) - done
  • fix: sliding cover in movie info - done
  • fix: tv show banner not lining up properly with frame texture - done
  • change: updated Polish translation (thanks RafałWink
  • fix: banner view not displaying network logo's - done
  • fix: logo stays visible when in info screen - done
  • fix: scrolling indicators appear in info screen - done
  • fix: banner view not using correct fonts - done
  • added: move finish time to clock in OSD - done
  • added: time to OSD on pause - done
  • added: skin setting to choose between AMT script and plugin - done
  • fix: scroll indicator positioning wrong when no weather fanart used - done
  • fix: scroll indicator does not hide from sidemenu when no weather fanart used - done
  • change: updated Spanish translation (thanks MaDDoGo)
  • fix: showing plot info in episodes list view overlaps mediaflags - done
  • fix: plotoutline in video fullscreen info using wrong font - done
  • fix: song info dialog uses wrong font - done
  • fix: tracklist in album info screen - done
  • fix: kiosk mode not working in artist & album info screen - done
  • fix: gmail checker add-on using wrong fonts - done
  • fix: rss editor add-on using wrong fonts - done
  • fix: focused item in songs list view overlaps rating - done
  • fix: cu lyrics add-on using wrong fonts - done
  • fix: record label flags not being displayed - done
  • fix: listview for music video albums displaying wrong infolabels - done
  • change: improvements to filebrowser when listing posters and fanart images - done
  • fix: picture info dialog using wrong fonts - done
  • fix: content settings dialog using wrong fonts - done
  • change: new login screen - done
  • change: big list viewtype is now a regular fixed list. for now. - done
  • change: improvements to viewtypes when listing add-on content (hacky hacky) - done
  • removed: AMT full script skin as AMT Lite is functioning properly - done
  • added: show which category is active when in skin settings list - done
  • change: smoother transition from and to the homescreen - done
  • change: bookmarks dialog layout - done
  • various other small fixes, optimizations, refinements

reFocus 0.8.7 (released 15.08.10)
  • fix: missing fps/codec info in music visualisation - done
  • fix: busy animation going backwards - done
  • fix: clean/fix up media overlays - done
  • fix: notifications dialog not showing up - done
  • added: fancied up notifications dialog with info,warning and error icons - done
  • change: updated Spanish translation (thanks MaDDoGo)
  • fix: notification dialog overlapping homescreen clock - done
  • added: open, save & clear buttons in playlist editor - done
  • change: rearrange playlist editor layout - done
  • add: panel view for music artists - done
  • fix: list too large for window in video osd settings - done
  • added: option to have plot in list view (fanart layout) - done
  • added: Polish translation (thanks RafałWink
  • change: no bouncing selected item in big list viewtype - done
  • added: German translation (thanks hst)
  • added: some new codec flags - done
  • added: codec flag for 576p -done
  • fix: scan dialog visible in fullscreen video - done
  • added: improvements to viewtypes for add-ons - done
  • change: move OSD sliders - done
  • add: lastfm buttons to visualization player controls - done
  • added: filestacking dialog - done
  • added: Kiosk mode (rough implementation) - done
  • added: optional TV Show logos in fullscreen Gallery view - done
  • change: no "bouncy" big list viewtype - done
  • change: homescreen clock and date as in library (probably not final) - done
  • change: slightly different rss ticker background texture - done
  • add: initital skin support for full movie trailers script (rough) - done

reFocus 0.8.6 (released 19.07.10)
  • fix: missing fps/cpu info in fullscreen video - done
  • fix: player controls not showing up in music visualization - done

reFocus 0.8.5 (released 18.07.10)
  • Public release of 0.8.2 plus small fixes

reFocus 0.8.2 (internal version)
  • added: SortLetter feature (dialog showing indication of position in lists when scrolling) - done
  • change: set scrollbar to per page - done
  • added: option to enable but hide scrollbars until activated by keypress - done
  • added: a settings.xml. Provide skin setting to either use settings submenu or go to settings overview screen - done
  • change: revised listview - done
  • change: revised scrollbar appearance/positioning
  • change: adjust movie poster dimensions in list and slide view to allow better scaling - done (thanks >>X<<)
  • fix/adjust: viewtypes for video/music/programs addons (if xbmc implementation stabilizes)
  • change: improvements/optimizations to media flagging - done
  • fix: cast list bug in movie/tvshow info screen - done
  • change: cleanup movie/tvshow info screen - done
  • fix: homescreen notification label overlapping with clock - done
  • unwatched overlay in files view - done
  • fix: graphical glitch in context menu - done
  • added: movie duration in gallery strip - done
  • added: missing info to movie info screen (subs, language, duration, mpaa) - done
  • change: make movie info screen have a "fluid" layout (no empty spaces or "info unavailable" labels)- done
  • added: movieset specific info in gallery view - done (thanks Arcanthur)
  • added: some new tv network logos - done
  • added:stop button in player controls -done
  • change: restyle mediaflag icons - done
  • fix: numpad bug - done
  • added: Player.SeekOffset feature - done. I think.
  • added: big list viewtype for episodes - done
  • added: Spanish translation (thanks MaDDoGo)
  • fix: some home submenus overlapping rss feed - done
  • group related viewtypes in separate xml's - done
  • fix: poster images in filebrowser not visible properly - done (temp fix)
  • added: custom video playlists in homemenu - done
  • change: restructure skin settings screen - done
  • fix: vertical alignment in spincontrols - done
  • change: update build script - done
  • added: optional layout for thumbnails viewtype: small grid with info - done
  • added: support for cu lyrics addon - done
  • added: support for Gmail checker addon - done
reFocus 0.8.1 (released 19.06.10)
Fixed screwups.

reFocus 0.8 (released 18.06.10)
Initial release

[Image: xchQLzN.png]

Please post reFocus support questions on the public forum instead of messaging me. Thank you.

reFocus GitHub
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