[HOW TO] Create a smart playlist and add it to Home

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Cincinnatux Offline
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I must be getting old - I can't get anything more complicated than a pencil to work as intended, it seems.

Anyhow, I created separate directories for kids' movies and TV shows and moved all relevant files. I then added them as new sources under the Video menu and had the system 'clean' itself to remove these titles from the Movies and TV Shows menus.

Problem 1: They disappeared from the TV Shows menu (as I expected) but still show up on the Movies menu. What is the proper way to clean the Movies menu so that it will only show the films located in its source path?

Then I created a 'smart playlist' for kids' movies and used the path 'contains' filter to direct it to the kids' movies source I had created earlier. The playlist works fine when I go into the Movies submenu for playlists and select it, but this is a bit clumsy and indirect for a submenu my kids will want to access every day. So I created a Custom Home/Custom Favorite for kids' movies, but did not configure it beyond creating the name.

Problem 2: How do I associate my smartlist with this Custom Favorite? I tried using the 'Set Favorite' option, but when I added my smartlist as a favorite and then went into the Custom Favorite menu from the global/start menu screen, it automatically started playing the first movie in the smartlist rather than show me a submenu listing of the playlists. What's the better way of doing this?

If anyone can give me pointers or suggestions for where I might be able to discover solutions on my own, I would be grateful. Thanks!
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ND30 Offline
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Im having some other issue... I'm able to create the playlist and to add special shortcut for it with Confluence-MOD skin BUT when I'm trying to go back to main menu I'm getting popup msg with something like "script has failed randosandlastitems.py"
and nothing appears on the playlist shortcus as well.

anybody ? guys?
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sbbacsi Offline
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I'd like to setp up some new playlist whit 2 conditions:
1. "Watched" flag. (one playlist for watched and one for not watched movies)
The problem is that this flag is not a filter in the XBMC 11 GUI but a global list variable. When I set it to "watched" in the "A" playlist than other playlists are changed too. What is the variable that can be set up individual in the playlist filters? "Playcount"?

2. Is there any chance to make a user defined variable that I can set with any key command?
For example: some movies are checked as, "My movies" (user_variable="My Movies"), some others as "Others". Than playlists could be defined with these filters (user_variable="My Movies")...
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FonziQ Offline
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I got my smart playlist showing in movies sub-menu called 3D movies
But dont know how to show my 3d movies there.
In rules option i put 3D at the end of the file name or contains 3D but nothing shows up in the playlist sub-menu.
What am i doing wrong? Any better solution to show my 3D movies in that playlist?

(This post was last modified: 2013-05-17 20:43 by FonziQ.)
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davehx Offline
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I have a 3D section in mine. I have all my 3D films in a separate folder X:\3D Films\ and my normal films in X:\Films\

I add them as two separate sources

I made a playlist for the 3D films using "path CONTAINS X:\3D Films\" and another playist for normal films "path CONTAINS X:\Films\"

I enabled both as custom menu items and diabled the standard "Movies" menu item (to stop the Movies menu item showing everything that is a movie no matter where you put it)
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wrk13s Offline
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hi everyone i been trying to get this to work also on my HTPC, i have several folders setup with different video catogories, Anime, Animation, Movies, HK Cinema, Vietnamese Cinema, Vietnamese Music Shows, TV Shows. they are all located on my NAS i might have stuffed up all the setup of it, so my first question is when i add the source from my nas do i need to set the catogry type to movie, tv show etc ? Also do i need a different theme other than the standard theme ?

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stevedawg85 Offline
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I am not having any luck synching my 3D Movies folder using network path. I have my XBMC's synched using mysql, and I only want 1 PC to have access to the 3D movies folder.

I tried using "contains," "is," "Starts with" and "smb," "//192..." but no matter what combination, I get 'empty, add content'.

Any ideas or suggestions?

(Frodo 12.2, Win 7, samba)
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MikeDB Offline
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(2013-08-11 01:09)stevedawg85 Wrote:  I am not having any luck synching my 3D Movies folder using network path. I have my XBMC's synched using mysql, and I only want 1 PC to have access to the 3D movies folder.

I tried using "contains," "is," "Starts with" and "smb," "//192..." but no matter what combination, I get 'empty, add content'.

Any ideas or suggestions?

(Frodo 12.2, Win 7, samba)

I'm not sure if this will help you, but what I did was create a folder named "3DBD" and moved all my 3D movies to that folder. Next, I added it as a source. I then proceeded to make a smartplaylist, used path----contains, selected browse, and selected the created 3DBD folder. The final step was to go to customization, select v+playlist, and rename it to 3D Bluray. That's what worked for me
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Nemrod Offline
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Thanks Smile

How can i add this new playlist to home ? In my case Xperience1080p ?

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Galefury Offline
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"Hide watched" works as intended for movies, but is reversed for tv shows.

reFocus - Simply the best
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