[RELEASE] cdART Manager Script

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Hi Guys.
First thanks alot to stef.an for this great job. some of us had much long sleepless nights Tongue Big Grin
I use Kodi 14.2 stable from 26.03.2015 and stef.ans newest script from gith on WIN7

All running now fine, but i get an error in the log :

10:18:10 T:1020 NOTICE: [{'backgrounds': [u'http://assets.fanart.tv/fanart/music/66c662b6-6e2f-4930-8610-912e24c63ed1/artistbackground/acdc-4fcad35eb2643.jpg', ...........
10:18:10 T:1020 ERROR: XFILE::CDirectory::Create - Error creating C:\

what the f... the script will store backgrounds in C:\ ... Confused

all other artworks are fine in the art Directory on x:\ (external device)

thanks for help...

... now i see this error comes first on startup Update database without downloading...

14:34:47 T:6728 NOTICE: [cdART Manager] - Looking for settings.xml
14:34:47 T:6728 NOTICE: [cdART Manager] - Checking for new Artwork on fanart.tv since last run...
14:34:48 T:6728 NOTICE: [cdART Manager] - No new Artwork found on fanart.tv
14:34:48 T:6728 NOTICE: [cdART Manager] - Start method - Update Database in background
14:34:48 T:6728 NOTICE: [cdART Manager] - Cache not being cleared
14:34:48 T:6728 NOTICE: [cdART Manager] - Updating Addon's DB
14:34:48 T:6728 ERROR: XFILE::CDirectory::Create - Error creating C:\
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