[RELEASE] cdART Manager Script

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(2015-05-17 07:19)ThaDraGun Wrote:  Not sure how to get this working.
Looking at the screenshots on page one I notice that mine does not show any info at the bottom (Local artists, local discs, locak cdarts) are all blank. ..No numbers. So I'm assuming that means it thinks I have no music, or doesnt see it. My music is added to Kodi, it shows up just fine in library mode.
I tried choosing advanced - modify addon database - refresh addon database
It does look like its doing something. It takes a long time to go through it all. Then I see no change.
I tried selecting other options and it does nothing.
Album cdarts - select artist
- automatic download
etc etc
Nothing happens.

I tried uninstalling, then installing this version: https://github.com/stefansielaff/script....tree/Helix
and no difference. However, after I reinstalled the settings were still in the addon so Im not sure if it completely uninstalled.
on kodi 14.2

Try exiting Kodi, and go into the addon settings folder for cdART Manager, delete the Database file and any backups that have been created, then restart Kodi, and start the cdART Manager addon again. When the plugin starts, it will see there is no existing DB and attempt to recreate it from scratch. If you have Library Updates on startup enabled, you will need to wait until the update completes before starting cdART Manager, as it cannot access the library DB at the same time as an update is being processed (locked DB). Be aware that sometimes, a second scan via cdART Manager *may* be required if you see that very few/none of your artists have been successfully recognized (green) by cdART Manager. I have witnessed this myself, but am not a coder so don't know why it happens. This may also be a symptom of DB locking, but cannot be sure as I don't routinely wipe my cdART Manager DB unless I have cause to do so.

Hope this helps.

EDIT: Stef.an's version is the only version that will work with Kodi 14 upwards, so this is the version you should be running. You can rename the extracted folder to just "script.cdartmanager" and place it in your addons folder, but be sure to remove the existing folder first to avoid conflicts with the older version. Addon settings are stored in the "addon_settings" folder which is completely separate to the "addons" folder, hence settings will be retained even if an addon is uninstalled and later re-installed. To wipe the settings for any addon, either use a "reset to defaults" option if existing in that particular addon, or browse to your userdata/portable_data -> addon_data folder and remove the folder corresponding to the addon whose settings you wish to remove/reset.

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