[RELEASE] iPhoto Plugin Addon for XBMC

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There is a README included in the context menu of the addon. You can also read it here.
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Hi, I have recently installed Kodi on a Amazon Fire TV Stick, and I am trying to use the iPhoto add-on by accessing photos and the iPhoto library on a NAS drive. Everything appears to be working except the pictures are all blank. I can update the Library and things appear to work. When I run the add-on I am able to see the list of Events, Albums, etc. When I click on "Albums" and select "Last 12 Months" the media is loaded and the icons are shown on the bottom of the screen, but they are all black. When I click on any icon I get a blank screen. The library is referenced (not managed). Here is the settings.xml contents:

<setting id="album_ignore_empty" value="true" />
<setting id="album_ignore_flagged" value="true" />
<setting id="album_ignore_published" value="true" />
<setting id="albumdata_xml_path" value="smb:// Library/" />
<setting id="auto_update_lib" value="true" />
<setting id="confluence_view_albums" value="51" />
<setting id="confluence_view_default" value="2" />
<setting id="confluence_view_events" value="0" />
<setting id="confluence_view_faces" value="500" />
<setting id="confluence_view_keywords" value="51" />
<setting id="confluence_view_places" value="500" />
<setting id="confluence_view_ratings" value="" />
<setting id="default_sort_dir" value="0" />
<setting id="default_sort_method" value="2" />
<setting id="hidden_keywords" value="" />
<setting id="hide_import_lib" value="false" />
<setting id="hide_view_readme" value="false" />
<setting id="managed_lib_enable" value="true" />
<setting id="masters_path" value="" />
<setting id="masters_real_path" value="smb://" />
<setting id="metropolis_view_albums" value="" />
<setting id="metropolis_view_default" value="0" />
<setting id="metropolis_view_events" value="" />
<setting id="metropolis_view_faces" value="" />
<setting id="metropolis_view_keywords" value="" />
<setting id="metropolis_view_places" value="" />
<setting id="metropolis_view_ratings" value="" />
<setting id="places_enable" value="true" />
<setting id="places_enable_maps" value="true" />
<setting id="places_labels" value="0" />
<setting id="places_show_fanart" value="true" />
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