[WINDOWS] HOW-TO use MCE remote in XBMC under Windows the easy way

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rasmu Offline
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Oh you know I had so much problem with GSB, I wanted to help Angel
Actually the only bug I had was with ^!{VK74}, had to replace with ^!{F5}

Last thing you can try if not already done is to change ctrl+alt+F5 with another combination (I use ctrl+win+F5)
If it's still not working, I give up Smile
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bolter Offline
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I have been running the customreg program to setup my rc6 remote for kodi/xbmc for years with no problems. I have now upgraded to windows 10 and the setup now does not work correctly. Kodi no longer starts with the green button anymore.

Any suggestions?

Update: Have got it working. Had to reinstall it as windows 7 not windows 8. All good now.
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chrisallanriley Offline
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I love this workaround. Are they any plans to make it Windows 10 compatible? It's currently the only thing that's stopping me from upgrading my media centre to Windows 10.

Many Thanks

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