[WINDOWS] HOW-TO use MCE remote in XBMC under Windows the easy way

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1- Win10 Pro with Windows 10 Anniversary Update
2- Microsoft RC6 Model 1039
3- Dunno but worked flawless with with Windows XP, 7 and 10
4- IR receiver from the MCE RC6
5- No build in IR Receiver
6- Yes
7- No.
8- Just using Event ghost with GSB_Script_AllinOne v2.39
9- Didnt change anything
10- 16.1

Since the Windows 10 Anniversary Update Kodi doesn't seem to recognize some of the Keys I press (with the remote). It still reacts to "up, down, left, right,exit (back), ok" but doesn't to some "special Keys" like Info, Menu, or the coloured keys liek blue (Subtitles) or Yellow (Audiolanguage it was I think). With the Keyboard it still works (eg "I" for info).
Before the Update, everything worked just fine. Even the Update from 7 to 10 went surprisingly well. So I don't really know where to start looking. Any ideas?
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So under Windows 10 I should

1. Install as Windows 7?
2. What modification to the keyboard xml? Cntrl-alt-enter to f5 correct?

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Wonder if anyone can help, looks like the anniversary update as killed my setup on this, now when I hit "watch a movie" on my Logitech remote it puts the media PC into sleep (no idea what thats about) and also the green button is no longer recognised when I finally get to a desktop.

Anyone else seeing this, is there a fix?
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