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Exclamation  Frequently Asked Questions
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I only see unwatched status indicators. Is there an option to display watched status indicators as well?
No, there isn't and there never will be. There is an indicator if the item is unwatched or when it's partly watched. If there is no indicator, the item is not watched. I find this obvious and logical, and thus feel there is no added value in placing an indicator on files that have been watched.

If you are reading a book, you place a bookmark where you stopped reading. You don't put a bookmark on every page you've read so far.

Can the skin be made more transparent to see more of the fanart?
Yes it can, but no it won't be. I'd rather keep the text readable. Make it an option!? Still no.

Will you add discarts ?
No, I find them incredibly tacky. Presenting non-physical media as physical media is just silly.

Make it an option!? Still no.

Can you add feature X or Y?
Maybe. But don't get mad when I don't. As much as I hope people will enjoy using it, development is also driven by my own preferences. Also, please note that "because other skins have this feature too" is not a good reason for me to add it to reFocus.

But if you don't want the features, why can't you just make it optional.
'just make it an option' is just short for 'i can't make design decisions' and it pollutes the UI and focus of the skin. reFocus is not and will never be a swiss army knife type of skin. Apart from that, I just have no motivation to add features I wouldn't ever use myself.
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