Rii Mini wireless keyboard

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Gunserotti Offline
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So then I would also need an RC6 IR dongle to attach to my HTPC to allow my Harmony to connect?

Thanks----Im just in the process of building my first HTPC. Smile
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jhsrennie Offline
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Just configure the Harmony to emulate the Rii. I don't know if the Harmony has built in emulation for the Rii, but you can learn the IR signals from the Rii handset.

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tocinillo Online
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I need a Rii Mini keyboard and I want the new 2.1 version but before I need some extra info:

I have a previous Rii Mini version (I think that is the first 1.0) RF Model. In my case, I have SERIOUS problems with the RF signal (lost every 5-10 minutes, and for reconnect I must unplug and plug again the transmissor).

The new 2.1 RF Rii Mini model have this problem? In that case, the problem appears only in the RF model or also in the BT model? I specially interested in the new 2.1 RF model (for the news F9-F12 keys)....

Thanks everyone!

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Laibr Offline
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zimbo_ouen Wrote:I just had delivery of my new toy today:

It works great in windows out of the box, but when I run XBMC I can only use the keyboard to navigate and not the gamepad (even though it all works fine in control panel in windows 7).

Any ideas?


I have the same problem here? Is this a setting? Can i use it to power on my htpc (asrock a75m itx motherboard)?
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arsonone Offline
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If any of you are having issues with your Rii keyboards try this...

Power off keyboard
Hold down F1 key
Power on and immediately release F1 (Light will flash very fast)
Unplug and re-plug in dongle (light should change from flashing yellow to solid green)

Hope this helps, it worked for me Smile
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