How to display chinese characters ?

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(2010-08-15 17:21)taxigps Wrote:  you should try this font:

rename to arial.ttf and copy to media\font folder
Link broken
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Is this it?
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(2015-12-17 20:09)curt Wrote:  
(2012-06-27 07:11)Sharpe Wrote:  it depends what you're running XBMC on - if it's windows for example it could be here:

C:\Program Files\XBMC\media\Fonts

(Assuming you have installed XBMC on your C drive in that location).

What if I'm using Kodi on Android? Where do I put this file?

(2015-12-28 13:41)tlchuan1 Wrote:  can anyone point me to the font folder for android 5.1.1 using kodi 14.2


Just change the font to "Arial based" instead of using the Confluence skin's one under Settings->Appearance->Skin
This thread helped me:
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