Mysql profiles and watched status

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armss001 Offline
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Okay problem solved, after digging about, I needed to add delimiter.

Code is as follows when ran from the phpmyadmin page.

delimiter //
CREATE TRIGGER insert_new_watched AFTER INSERT ON myvideos90.files
        INSERT INTO kodi_ben90.watched_history(idFile) VALUES (NEW.idFile);
        INSERT INTO kodi_dan90.watched_history(idFile) VALUES (NEW.idFile);
        INSERT INTO kodi_dem90.watched_history(idFile) VALUES (NEW.idFile);
        INSERT INTO kodi_nath90.watched_history(idFile) VALUES (NEW.idFile);
        INSERT INTO kodi_hannah90.watched_history(idFile) VALUES (NEW.idFile);
     END; //
delimiter ;
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Walhalla Offline
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Good to know. Thanks for posting the solution.
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dr-oopie Offline
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i have a mysql installed on linux but it has multiple databases. how can i point it to the kodi database so its not in the root? i think by default it goes to MyVideos but i want it inside of kodi

thought id edit it, instead of making a MyVideos and those automatically created, i rather then be created inside a Kodi database with the same structure within. so not just to rename MyVideos to Kodi but put MyVideos itself into Kodi database.
(This post was last modified: 2015-07-08 03:18 by dr-oopie.)
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unaszplodrmann Offline
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Just had a look at the new video db schema from Isengard... lots of structural changes. Has anyone updated the linked multi-user setup yet? I'll do it, if not.
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