Mysql profiles and watched status

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(2015-08-24 07:34)mcfang Wrote:  I'm still using the design from timmyj9's post and it's been very easy to upgrade for each successive version of XBMC since Frodo.

This is the design updated to Kodi v15:

Simply it adds a new playCount and lastWatched fields to the master files table for secondary user and creates a new database with views to the master database for everything except for the bookmarks table.

I'm guessing not because there are no references to triggers in the script, but would library updates/deletions work regardless of which user is logged on? Also, am I supposed to let Kodi 15 build a db from scratch and then run your query?
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No problems with updates because the secondary user's database has views that directly reference the master database so that all updates are actioned on the master database anyway. The only actual data stored in secondary user's database is the bookmarks table.

When you set the advancedsettings to use MySQL then Kodi will attempt to create the database and tables for that user when you login.

I'm sure it's possible to migrate your existing database to the new MySQL database but I think its easier to export it to NFO files before switching and then re-scraping. Also there is an option in advancedsettings to include your watched status when you export/import.
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