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(2015-05-05 03:31)pmudgal Wrote:  ruuk, had to delete some bits of the log for keeping it within 500 kb, but all flickr mentions are there,

Sorry for the late response.
Perhaps you could try re-authorizing the addon from the addon settings. It seems to be some some sort of permissions error. Try that and let me know what happens.

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Razze Offline
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Any clue why "sky or space" is returning results on the website but not in your plugin?
It seems like I can get around it by trying "sky, space" but the number of results doesn't match up with the ones on the website
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Hi guys. Is there any way to enable this:
* AddOn displays large thumbs
* AddOn displays large image in bkground (showcase view)
* AddOn displays 'original' in fullscrn/slideshow.

Basically the addon seems to have 2 options (one for the thumbsize and one for the final image).

Final image size is the same size as the 'fanart'-sized background shown in the UI.

What I'm trying to do is make 'large size' for the thumbs, large size for the background and 'original' for fullscreen so we get the best quality available.

Is this possible?

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I just have a question about why Flickr in the official Kodi repo is still a version behind? Its 1.06 there still, but your repo has 1.0.7?

v1.07 seems to have been out for more than 3 months. Do you no longer push the latest versions to Kodi?
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