[RELEASE] Last.FM Playlist Generator Script - Auto Generate Similar Music Playlists

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Just a bump about this issue. Would love it if ErlendSB or Morstar or anyone else were able to make the necessary tweak to this script such that songs tagged with multiple artists with the XBMC recommended method don't return no results. (Ie. at the moment having "Ariana Grande / Iggy Azalea" in artist field would ensure no results were returned even though the song is very popular)

Happy to do anything I can to get this done, but would have no idea where to start in terms of modding the script myself.


(2014-08-24 11:38)kiboy6 Wrote:  
(2014-08-22 13:54)ErlendSB Wrote:  . Feel free to fork the github project and submit a pull request to Mortstar (who is hosting the plugin)

No worries - this "fossil" still does the job beautifully.

I would love to submit the necessary pull request, but unfortunately I have no idea how to do so. Does that mean I would have to write the necessary code myself and then suggest that it be incorporated into the plugin? Again, unfortunately well beyond my powers!

Happy to learn of course, but have no idea where to start...I am very much an experienced end user but not a creator when it comes to XBMC Sad
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