"green" hard-drives don't wake up fast enough

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My movies are stored on external USB2.0 hard drives that I access wirelessly via SMB. I recently upgraded a hard drive to a WD 2.0TB green drive that apparently 'sleeps' when not being used. Basically, this means that when you first request something from it - it's a little groggy and takes a second to wake up. I've noticed that when I first select something to play in XBMC it either says -'this file is no longer available, do you wish to remove it from the library' or shows me the loading icon and then - does nothing but return me to the menu.

If I try the same action again, the movie starts normally since apparently it has 'woken up'. This isn't a problem for me but other family members find this behavior disconcerting. Is there a way to ask XBMC to just wait longer?

attached is the part of the log where I tried to play the video and it failed (not in library) followed by the re-try where it played fine. (ATV linux/dharma beta3 on stick) I included the beginning part of the log also but cut out the middle as it was huge...

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